The harassed (I tartassati)


Film in B/N dur. 100 min.       Italian version 


"The harassed" 1959 by Steno. Subject: Metz, Gianviti; screen-play: Metz, Gianviti, Maccari, Steno; French adaptation: Jean Halain; starring: Totò (cavalier Torquato Pezzella), Aldo Fabrizi, Louis De Funès, Cathia Caro, Luciano Marin, Anna Campori, Jacques Dufilho; production:  Maxima-Cellucon-Champs Elysees.

Plot: The shopkeeper Pezzella tries to bribe Marshal Topponi that is making some checks in his shop with a lot of presents, but they get to a wrong address. They met hunting and on the return they have a crash ending in the same hospital room. Once discharged, Pezzella steals the Marshal's bag which contains important documents about himself but, advised by his parish priest, he decides to return it. The two become friends and their kids get married



Film completo: The harassed

Review: The movie hits the mark: it amuses the audience with a funny comedy, based on a topic of the day i.e. taxes. The choice of two great actors, Totò and Aldo Fabrizi, assures a good show that is lively and funny, even if not always keen. Leo Pestelli, "La Stampa", Torino, the 17 of April 1959




The movie has decorous contents, without incurring into the vulgarity that often spoils our movies, especially the comic ones. It is sustained and saved from the old and clever experience of the two starring that can support by one selves the screenplay and the direction of ten equivalent works. Claudio G. Fava, "Corriere Mercantile", Genova, the 23 of April 1959

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