(Stop with the hands) Fermo con le mani

Film in b/n dur. 80 min.     Italian version

"Stop with the end" 1937 of Gero Zambuto. Subject Guglielmo Giannini; screen-play: Zambuto Giannini; interpretes: Totò (Totò the vagabond) Erszi Paal, Tina Pica, Oreste Bilancia, Franco Coop, Nicola Maldacea; Production Titanus.

Plot: Totò is a wanderer. Pover a man who lives to the day. Of small jobs and espedient. But in turn, of opportunity, ce they are not many. And then a day decides of travestirsi from woman. And the case wants that they assume it in an Institute of beauty. Totò begins endured with massaggiare a beautiful one and conturbante customer, Eva, but its attitude interested some betrays... the mascolinità. And just while he finds himself to you for you with the customer, a friend of the woman discovers the true identity of Totò: which he succeeds to escape being useful for the confusion. The destiny but is still in ambush. Totò is put endured to the search of an other place. And it comes assumed like caretaker in a theatre. Just where the beautiful Eva is exhibited. And an evening, because of a misfortune happened to the orchestra director, Totò replaces it. And the show saves. But the true director the denunciation and the man ends in police headquarters. In the misfortune, just behind the slabs beautiful surprise waits for it one. It comes in fact to know of being the heir of one aristocratic family...



 Clip "Stop with the hands

Review: It is the first film of Prince Antonio de Curtis, in Totò art. It is the last one of the three films directed from the director Gero Zambuto, after Water cheta of 1933 and the Defense counsel of 1934. The director is also actor: he recites in fact in four films, the last one in 1943: Macario against Zagomar

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