Italian caprice  (Capriccio all'italiana)

La bambinaia

Che cosa sono le nuvole

Che cosa sono le nuvole Che cosa sono le nuvole
Che cosa sono le nuvole Che cosa sono le nuvole
Che cosa sono le nuvole Che cosa sono le nuvole
Che cosa sono le nuvole Il mostro della domenica
Il mostro della domenica La gelosia

Film a colori durata 79 min. - Incasso Lit. 189.000.000 (attuale € 2.257.231,40) - Spettatori 581.470     Italian version

"Italian caprice" 1968 of Steno and Pier Paolo Pasolini, Mauro Bolognini, Pino Zac, Mario Monicelli; Film Director Steno and Pier Paolo Pasolini, Mauro Bolognini (tow episode), Pino Zac, Mario Monicelli for the episode with TotÚ, "Monster of Sunday" Directed by Steno, Subject and screenplay by Steno, Gianviti. Interpreters TotÚ (Monster of Sunday), Ugo D' Alessio, Regina Seiger; for the episode with TotÚ, "What are the clouds" Directed by Pasolini, Subject and screenplay by Pasolini.  Interpreters TotÚ (Iago), Ninetto Davoli, Franco Franchi, Ciccio Ingrassia, Laura Betti, Domenico Modugno, Adriana Asti, Carlo Pisacane, Francesco Leonetti. Producer Dino De Laurentiis, in technicolor.

Plot: Six short films. "What are the clouds" directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini. TotÚ is a puppet painted green is thrown ina landfill with a second puppet (Ninetto Davoli) at the endof a play. Will they still find a reason for watching an extraordinarily magical sky. "Monster of Sunday" Directed by Steno starring TotÚ.Antonio De Curtis is a monster obsessed by 60's youths with long hair.
"Why" Directed by Mauro Bolognini story of two young men obsessed by overtaking other cars.
Starring Renzo Marignano and Silvana Mangano."Business Trip" Directed by Pino Zac and Franco Rossi Starring Silvana Mangano - Queen on a State Visit give a wrong speech."The nanny" Film director Mario Monicelli Starring Silvana Mangano, nanny fierce enemy of comics, with the bullet. Perrault tales to tell that continuously obtaining effects yet With the worst stories of wolves and bad bears."The jealousy" film director Mauro Bolognini Starring Ira Furstengerg and Walter Chiari, a wife is sure that her Husband is betraying her, she follows him to kill him. But the man only goes to the tailor to try on a suit.

Clip: Capriccio all'italiana

Review: In the sixties, the film episode was pretty fashionable. Cast where fashionable and some gems as the participation like Pier Paolo Pasolini to tell habit and virtues of the Italians.
Some time full of poetry such as in "What are the clouds" not to be missed. Travel working Pino signed by Zac was actually directed by Franco Rossi. Zac made only the animations.

TotÚ starring a well-educated and extravagant conformist way has to show his experience "macchiette", not more. The director is almost absent; he is only used to help.
"Capriccio" is fun in its comical execution so blatantly exhibited to pull ahead with the eyes closed. Alfonso Gatto, New Roads, Rome on May 30 1968.

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